New version of the Microsoft Store, impossible to add a gift card!?

As you may have seen, the Microsoft Store has changed its look on the web version!

Problem! It is no longer possible to add a gift card (BRL, USD, or other) directly via the page of a game.

Example for the Brazilian store, the site no longer offers us to add a BRL gift card :

Fortunately, there are a few solutions:


A new method was sent to me by Luís S. a member of the XSC community 😉 Thanks to him!

This method allows you to not change the region of your Microsoft account.

To know: This is not possible on the page of a pre-order game. So if you want to pre-order, you’ll have to go to the page of an already released game (any one), credit your giftcards, then come back to the game page to pre-order 😉

Here is how to proceed:

Step 1

Go to the game’s page, as usual.

Step 2

Click on the “Buy as a gift

Step 3

Put your email and name

Step 4

Once you get to this step, you have to click on Edit in the payment methods

Once your gift cards are credited, you just have to refresh the window or go back to cancel the purchase “as gift”.


This method is only used to credit the gift cards to your account, don’t go to the end of the payment otherwise you will receive the game “as a gift”, that is to say that you will receive a game key.
Once the gift cards have been credited to your account, go back to the game page and buy the game as usual.

If it’s too late, you must have received a game key, then you will have to follow this tutorial to use the game key on your account:



Step 1

you just have to go to this page:

Accessed via the link above, or by clicking on this button:


Step 2

Once on the page, you need to have the region in parentheses match the same region as your gift card to add.

On this screen, I’m still in the France region, so it won’t work…

To change your account region, go here:
Your information > Edit profile information

The link directly:

Choose your region then confirm the form :



Step 3

Going back to the redeem page:
If the new region is still not displayed in brackets, just log out and log back in.

On this screen, we can see that I am on the right region (Brazil)

You can now add your gift card!


It seems to me that for the Turkish and Argentine regions, the use of a VPN is mandatory! Otherwise an error will be displayed.

I will try soon to update the tutorials with respect to the new Microsoft Store interface, good game to all and thanks for your support! 🙂

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