How buy Call of Duty : Black Ops 4 on foreign stores

Here is an article that explains how to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on foreign stores 🙂


Notice: Before reading the post, it is recommended to have read our tutorial on How to buy an Xbox One game on foreign store?


1. Find the best store

The first thing to do is to go to the game page : Call of Duty : Black Ops 4

As a reminder, only the gift card method works to buy on foreign stores.
Unfortunately, Turkish (TRY) and Argentinean (ARS) gift cards are almost impossible to find, or expensive, so I will not take them into account in this article.

We can see that the 3 most interesting stores are the Singapore (SGD), Taiwan (TWD) and USA (USD) stores


Here, we will focus on the Singapore (SGD) and USA (USD) store, the prices of gift cards are quite interesting because retailers make little margin on them.

Taiwan (TWD) is excluded because there is too much margin on the price of gift cards.


2. Giftcards prices

Go to the list of gift card resellers to compare the most interesting site : Xbox Gift Card


Singapour store :

The game costs 79,4 SGD, so you will need 90 SGD in gift card (50 + 20 + 20).

On MTCGame

  • 50 SGD = 35,37 EUR
  • 20 SGD = 14,15 EUR
  • 50 + 20 + 20 = 35,37 + 14,15 + 14,15 = 63,67 EUR (~= 72 USD)

On SeaGM

  • 50 SGD = 31,27 EUR
  • 20 SGD = 12,51 EUR
  • 50 + 20 + 20 = 31,27 + 12,51 + 12,51 = 56,29 EUR (~= 64 USD)

So SeaGM website is the most interesting to buy on the Singapore store!


USA store :

The game costs 59.99 USD, so you will need 60 USD in gift card (50 + 10).

On MTCGame

  • 50 USD = 38,27 EUR
  • 10 USD = 8,52 EUR
  • 50 + 10 = 38,27 + 8,52 =  46,79 EUR (~= 52 USD)

On G2A :

  • 50 USD = 38,90 EUR
  • 10 USD = 8,49 EUR
  • 50 + 10 = 38,90 + 8,49 = 47,39 EUR (~= 53 USD)

MTCGame website is the most interesting to buy on the USA store.



3. Conclusion

It’s quite surprising, but the USA store is much more interesting than the Singapore store!

Why? Simply because the price of 50 USD gift cards is lower than their actual values!
Normally 50 USD = 43,62 EUR, whereas on MTCGame  it is 38,90 EUR (~= 43 USD) 😀

I don’t know if this is normal, but enjoy it, now is the moment.


So to conclude, the game will cost you 46.79 EUR (~= 52 USD) on the USA store, by buying the gift cards on the MTCGame website.
If the gift cards are no longer in stock on MTCGame, G2A website isn’t much more expensive 😉


Attention: There are taxes (a few dollars) on the USA store! To avoid this, and to have 0% tax, you will have to enter an address in the Alaska region, or Oregon when the site asks you to do so 😉

Here is an example address: 4800 Spenard Rd, Anchorage, Alaska 99517, United States


Update: It seems that the 50 USD cards have increased on MTCGame, but they are still low prices on G2A!


4. Tips

Are you familiar with account sharing?!

This technique allows you to share all the games in your account with a friend or other trusted person!

By doing so, you can share the costs on the games you buy, by halving the price for example:-)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will cost you 43,62 EUR divided by two, or 21,81 EUR (~= 25 USD) ! A great economy.

To know how to do it here: [TUTORIAL] Sharing Xbox One games


To know how to buy on foreign stores, here is the tutorial: How buy on foreign store

7 Replies to “How buy Call of Duty : Black Ops 4 on foreign stores”

  1. Casual Gamers IE says:

    SeaGM highlights this in red.

    Important Note: XBox Live Gift Cards (SG) is Region Locked. Only XBox Live Account users registered in Singapore can use this card.

    Is there a way around this to redeem the code successfully?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes it’s normal, you can buy and use this giftcard.
      All reseller show this message for foreign giftcard 😉

      1. Casual Gamers IE says:

        Many thanks

  2. André Eidler says:

    Great tutorial, my friend Julien! Always sharing a good job. Sorry if I disappear sometimes, cause money is Keep doing bro!

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Thank you my friend 😉 !

  3. KiraSokolov says:

    Why I can’t just use a plastic card?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Plastic card? x)

      All credit card are blocked by Microsoft on foreign store 🙁

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