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  • Дата выхода : 23/04/2019
  • Action & Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle & Trivia
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France 14.99  
Hong-Kong 13  
India 10.66  
USA 12.91  
Canada 12.96  
Singapore 14.24  
Brazil 13  
Japan 14.44  
South Africa 15.84  
Mexico 12.57  
Taiwan 14.88  
Germany 14.99  
Spain 14.99  
England 16.6  
Australia 14.02  
Turkey 6.66  
Poland 16.42  
Saudi Arabia 13.42  
Czech Republic 16.74  
Swenden 14.17  
Norway 15.98  
Israel 14.09  
Italy 14.99  
Portugal 14.99  
Russia 12.91  

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За это я получу небольшую комиссию, которая позволит мне оплатить сервер и прочие расходы...
Это черезвычайно мне поможет, и в то же время вам не придётся переплачивать. Спасибо!

История изменения цен


You wake up, alone, in a world completely unknown to you.

You have no memories of your past, you don’t know how you managed to reach this world and the only thing you can do is go on and try to find the truth.

Unknown Fate is a single-player first person puzzle-adventure with a mysterious story, puzzles to solve and enemies to defeat.
Travel in incredible worlds solving the puzzles around you and collecting Richard’s lost memories to uncover the truth about Richard’s journey.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)


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