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France 9.99 € (EUR)   9.99  
Hong-Kong 78 $ (HKD)   9.08  
USA 9.99 $ (USD)   9.12  
Canada 12.99 $ (CAD)   8.99  
Singapore 15 $ (SGD)   10.14  
Brazil 37.95 R$ (BRL)   7.19  
Japan 1100 ¥ (JPY)   6.97  
South Africa 169 R (ZAR)   8.33  
Mexico 239 $ (MXN)   12.76  
Taiwan 339 NT$ (TWD)   9.98  
Germany 9.99 € (EUR)   9.99  
Spain 9.99 € (EUR)   9.99  
England 8.49 £ (GBP)   9.88  
Australia 14.95 $ (AUD)   9.12  
Poland 45.99 zł (PLN)   10.34  
Saudi Arabia 39 ر.س.‏ (SAR)   9.49  
Czech Republic 289 Kč (CZK)   12.23  
Swenden 99 kr (SEK)   8.42  
Norway 99 kr (NOK)   8.38  
Israel 37.5 ₪ (ILS)   9.32  
Thailand 349 ฿ (THB)   9.03  
Italy 9.99 € (EUR)   9.99  
Portugal 9.99 € (EUR)   9.99  
South Korea 12400 ₩ (KRW)   8.72  
MTCGame 5.74 € (EUR)   5.74  

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We Were Here Too is an online first-person cooperative adventure set in a fictional medieval castle. A new standalone entry in the We Were Here series, We Were Here Too is all about cooperative discovery, immersion and teamwork through communication. You and a partner must solve puzzles through smart communication and observation. Trapped in different parts of an ancient castle, only your walkie-talkies will allow you to figure out how to escape.

As your final hour approaches, a large structure looms up in the distance - towering above the relentless storm. With nowhere else to go, you decide to enter this mysterious place, only to find yourself trapped inside… Will you be able to find a way out?

Cooperative – Your voice will have to lead the way. Placed in the shoes of explorers with only walkie-talkies in hand, you are lost in a castle frozen in time.

Immersive – The warmth of life abandoned the halls of Castle Rock long ago Immerse yourself in a thrilling experience as you and your partner puzzle your way through this abandoned fortress. Lose yourself in brand new environments and an original soundtrack.

Mysterious – We were not alone... Darkness took over these once magnificent halls. Can you discover the truth behind the grim fate of Castle Rock?

Xbox Tavern said: “Total Mayhem Games have made a beautiful, intricate and definitely more difficult game with this sequel.”

If you enjoy We Were Here Too, don’t forget to check out the other games: We Were Here, We Were Here Together, and coming soon… We Were Here Forever!

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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