How to buy and activate a game as a key (MTCGame)

In this tutorial, we will see how to buy and use a game from Microsoft foreign stores, other than by the Xbox live gift card method!

To quickly explain the method, it is a question of buying the game in the format of a “code” on MTCGame. And add this “code” to your Xbox account via a VPN.

The use of a VPN is mandatory, otherwise it will not work, you will simply get an error message.
And it is of course risk-free, because the codes come from our trusted partner who is MTCGame.



  • No problem with the price of Xbox Live gift cards, you know directly the final price
  • Can in many cases be cheaper than the Xbox Live gift card method
  • Compatible with account sharing!


  • Obligation to use a VPN. Buy your code from MTCGame to avoid any risk!



Step 1: Search for your game

First of all, search for your game on our Xbox-Store-Checker site.
As you can see, we are now displaying the prices of the MTCGame site 😉

Then click on the “View” button to be redirected to the game page on MTCGame.



Step 2: MTCGame > Add game to cart

Here you are on the MTCGame game page.
You can easily change the language of the site, as well as the currency (€, $, etc…) in the top right corner.

I also advise you to create an account before placing an order 😉



We can see here that MTCGame sells Earth Atlantis game codes from several different stores:

  • US Store: 10,48 €
  • VPN Store: 7,13 €
  • Brazilian store: 7,13 €
  • Turkish Store: 7,56 €
  • EU Store: 11,54 €

Regarding the “VPN” store, unfortunately we do not know in advance which region it is.
But in most cases it is the US or TR store.

For this game, we suspect that it is the Brazilian store because the price is the same 🙂
So I’m going to take this game from the Brazilian store because that’s where it’s cheapest.

Once the game has been added to the basket, click on this button to access the payment:



Step 3: MTCGame > Payment

You are now on the payment page, you must choose your payment method.

Several payment methods are available: Credit card, Skrill, Neteller, or Paypal.

Attention concerning Paypal, it is necessary that the email address of your Paypal is exactly the same as that of your MTCGame account, otherwise the payment will be refused!

Also take into account the commission rate, which can vary from 2 to 5%.



Step 4: MTCGame > Code retrieval

The purchase is made, it is now necessary to wait for the confirmation of the order:

The delivery time of the codes is 1-2 minutes after the payment is confirmed.

Feel free to contact their support if it seems very long to you 😉

Here’s my code:




Step 5: Login to your Microsoft account

Once you have obtained your game code, simply go to this page:
And login to your account.



Step 6: Activate your VPN

Before adding the code, you must activate your VPN in the same region of your game code (Brazil in my case)

Personally I use NordVPN, but there are other VPNs like:




Step 7: Add your code

Once connected to the VPN, insert your game code, and follow the steps


It’s done! The game will automatically download to your Xbox 😉

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