CONTEST: Xbox-Store-Checker refunds your Xbox One game!

Firstly, thank you all for going through xbox-store-checker to buy your games on Microsoft stores, it helps me a lot to pay for the server, and it also allows me to set up contests on the website!

I will try to set up a new type of contest on the website:

Xbox-Store-Checker refunds your Xbox One game!


Rules of the contest

Every month, I will randomly draw 1 game purchase from all purchases made during this period.

If the random purchase was made through Xbox-Store-Checker, I would refund the same amount in Xbox gift card.

Example: If it is a game costing 299 BRL (store Brazil), I would offer 300 BRL of Xbox gift card!


How to participate?

To participate, it’s simple! All you have to do is go through Xbox-Store-Checker before buying a game on a foreign Microsoft store (or even on your local store!).

Go to the game page, and in the price table, click on the blue “View on” button on the store you want.

Store restriction: unfortunately I don’t receive any commission for purchases made on the Argentinian store. I am therefore obliged to exclude from the draw, the participations concerning the Argentinian store. 🙁

When your purchase is made, simply fill out the form below.


The form

Here is the participation form. You have the right to participate as much as you want! (1 participation per purchase)

In this form I request this information:

  • The order number
  • The name of the game
  • The date and time
  • The store / country
  • The price

You will find all this information in the order confirmation email sent by Microsoft 😉

The data you will enter in this form allows me to verify that you have gone through Xbox Store Checker to purchase your game.


Contest participation

10/01/2020 - 10/31/2020



Remember that when I go through Xbox-Store-Checker before buying your Xbox games on Microsoft stores, I get a small commission from Microsoft.

On your side, you lose nothing.

It helps me a lot to pay for the server charges, and third-party tools to administer the site, which are increasing from year to year!

The bonus is used to make you win Xbox gift cards!

For now, the contest will be organised every month, but if it works well, why not do it every week, with more than one winner per week?! 🙂




Be careful, if you buy your game via the Xbox application on smartphone, or via the console, I don’t receive any commission.

This means that your purchase will not be eligible for the contest!

For Winscribe VPN users: You must add and to your white list in Winscribe! Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see your purchases!
Here is a quick video that explains how to do it:



The winners

The winners will be communicated in priority on our Facebook page, as well as on our Twitter account, so don’t hesitate to follow them 🙂

September 2020

  • SniperXLL : 200 BRL (Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time)
  • LorenzoPOUD : 375 BRL (Call Of Duty Black Ops 4: Ultimate Edition)
  • JREM-06 : 40 BRL (Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2)


August 2020

  • SuperJames4 : 80 BRL (Fortnite — 2.800 V-Bucks)
  • cdkddh : 250 BRL (Marvel’s Avengers)
  • FoooreX : 50 TRY (Peaky Blinders: Mastermind)


July 2020

  • Rasky1 : 50 BRL (Far cry New Dawn)
  • Strabouillis : 10 BRL (Nightmare Boy)
  • girolove48 : 310 BRL (Marvel’s Avengers : Édition Deluxe)


June 2020

  • divor42 : 79 BRL (The Witcher 3)
  • taulefraise : 100 BRL (Hitman 2 – Gold Edition)
  • Nap_Gold_Jr : 79 BRL (Rayman Legends)


May 2020

  • B-E-N-KO : 50 BRL (Watch Dogs®2 – Gold Edition)
  • Samedo12 : 50 BRL (TAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II: Celebration Edition)
  • ShadowEXX : 79 BRL (Just Dance® 2020)


April 2020

  • redredred : 29 BRL (Outbreak: Epidemic)
  • Binboulevrai : 50 EUR (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Battle Pass Edition (XBOX One))
  • TreasureBasse : 63 USD (Borderlands 3 – Édition Super Deluxe)
  • Relt_All : 50 BRL (Homefront: The Revolution)


March 2020

  • Sakuuuura : 105 TRY (89 BRL) (NieR:Automata™ BECOME AS GODS Edition)
  • LarryThovert : 47,50 TRY (50 BRL) (BioShock: The Collection)
  • HeroeD74 : 5 EUR (The Division – Season Pass)
  • BLACKBALLONS160 : 2×25 AUD (FIFA Points 2200) [Special Event]


February 2020

  • ImDOWN : 80 BRL (Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint)
  • VIKZZ : 5 USD (Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2)
  • fouZang : 5 USD (Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2)
  • Broooow : 15 EUR (Mafia III Edition Deluxe)
  • Shiva10 : 2×25 AUD (FIFA Points 2200) [Special Event]


January 2020

  • Pledge099 : 350 BRL (DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT Deluxe Edition)
  • Ocidure : 50 TR (Hovership Havoc)
  • Oblomiff : 85 TR (Dark souls III – deluxe edition)
  • Stormsurge : 2×25 AUD (FIFA Points 2200) [Special Event]


December 2019

  • Liiozer : 100 TR (Control)
  • Nith : 80 BRL (A Plague Tale: Innocence)
  • Jakjak08 : 80 BRL (A Plague Tale: Innocence)
  • Lil-Vipin : 50 TR (Layers of Fear 2)
  • ZeffyPSG : 2×120 AUD (FIFA Points 12000) [Special Event]


November 2019

  • Lazsli : 85 TR (Dragon Ball Fighter Z Ultimate Edition)
  • Shammy05 : 125 TR (LEGO® DC Super-Villains)
  • Baaawed : 10 USD (Halo Reach)
  • Nonobst : 55 USD (Need for speed Heat)
  • Derp999 : 2×120 AUD (FIFA Points 12000) [Special Event]


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