Fortnite - Limited Edition Founder’s Pack

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  • Release date : 25/07/2017

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Fortnite is Epic Games' new Action Building game. This Founder’s Pack includes “Save The World,” the paid Early Access PvE campaign with microtransactions. Early Access means Save The World has bugs and balance issues. It will become free to play at a later point. (This purchase includes the Battle Royale PvP mode.)

The Limited Edition Founder’s Pack includes:

• Access to “Save The World” PvE Campaign
• 2 Exclusive Legendary Heroes (for your favorite class)
• 1 Exclusive Legendary Weapon
• 10 Troll Stash Llamas
• 2 Exclusive In-Game Defenders
• 10 Extra Backpack Inventory Slots
• Rare Starter Weapon/Hero Pack
• Exclusive Founder’s Pistol
• Exclusive Founder’s Chat Channel
• 20 Exclusive In-Game Banner Icons
• 72 Daily Loot Pinata Packs
• 12 Exclusive Founder’s Loot Pinata Pack
• 15 Immediate Loot Pinata Packs
• 40 XP Boosts
• 40 Giftable XP Boosts For Friends
• 200 Extra Vault Inventory Slots
• Free Battle Royale PvP mode

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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