Fortnite: Save the World - Standard Founders Pack

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  • Release date : 25/07/2017

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France 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
India 1900 (INR)   22.21  
USA $ 39.99 (USD)   35.28  
Canada $ 53.49 (CAD)   34.96  
Singapore $ 39.9 (SGD)   25.17  
Brazil R$ 79 (BRL)   13.61  
Japan ¥ 4400 (JPY)   35.56  
South Africa R 399 (ZAR)   20.81  
Mexico $ 600 (MXN)   24.16  
Germany 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
Spain 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
England £ 34.99 (GBP)   38.9  
Australia $ 59.95 (AUD)   36.7  
Turkey Tr 70 (TRY)   9.15  
Poland 129.99 (PLN)   29.3  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 166.5 (SAR)   39.09  
Czech Republic 799 (CZK)   29.97  
Swenden kr 449 (SEK)   43.06  
Norway kr 399 (NOK)   37.63  
Israel 175 (ILS)   44.72  
Italy 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
Portugal 39.99 (EUR)   39.99  
South Korea 39900 (KRW)   28.94  
MTCGame 22.48 (EUR)   22.48  

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Xbox Live Gold required.

Fortnite Save the World is the epic PvE action building campaign set in the Fortnite universe. This Founder’s Pack includes the paid Early Access Save The World campaign with microtransactions. Early Access means Save the World has bugs and balance issues. It will become free to play at a later point. (This purchase includes the Battle Royale PvP and Creative modes.)

“Save The World” Campaign
The Storm came without warning and 98% of the world's population vanished … then came the
monsters. You and up to four players lead the world's remaining Heroes in a battle to save
survivors and hold back the monster hordes. Explore a vast, destructible world where no two
games are ever the same. Build huge forts, craft exotic weapons, find loot and level up your Heroes.

The Standard Founder’s Pack includes:
• Access to “Save The World” PvE Campaign
• 4 Exclusive In-Game Banner Icons
• 6 Daily Loot Llamas
• Exclusive Founder’s Loot Llama

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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