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  • Release date : 20/11/2020

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France 18.99 (EUR)   18.99  
Hong-Kong $ 179 (HKD)   19.35  
India 1249 (INR)   14.15  
USA $ 22.99 (USD)   19.27  
Canada $ 29.99 (CAD)   19.33  
Singapore $ 33 (SGD)   20.62  
Brazil R$ 69.95 (BRL)   10.99  
Japan ¥ 2700 (JPY)   21.69  
South Africa R 389 (ZAR)   21.08  
Mexico $ 409 (MXN)   16.99  
Taiwan NT$ 779 (TWD)   22.77  
Germany 18.99 (EUR)   18.99  
Spain 18.99 (EUR)   18.99  
England £ 17.49 (GBP)   19.54  
Australia $ 27.95 (AUD)   17.21  
Turkey Tr 65 (TRY)   6.96  
Poland 104.99 (PLN)   23.44  
Saudi Arabia ر.س.‏ 86.5 (SAR)   19.33  
Czech Republic 659 (CZK)   25.09  
Swenden kr 229 (SEK)   22.39  
Norway kr 234 (NOK)   22.04  
Israel 86 (ILS)   21.75  
Thailand ฿ 799 (THB)   22.11  
Italy 18.99 (EUR)   18.99  
Portugal 18.99 (EUR)   18.99  
South Korea 28900 (KRW)   21.83  

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Obey Me is a frantic 3D Brawler that revolves around a duo of misfit demons as they fight hordes of mutants, hellish fiends and angelical contraptions alike.

In a time and age much like our own, Heaven and Hell are locked in an eternal conflict where the souls of Mankind are at stake. Vanessa Held, a lowly Soul Huntress, and her Hellhound companion, Monty, could be the ones to tip the balance of the war with their own hands.

Embark on a journey in city fraught with peril, slashing, kicking and biting your way through hordes of foes, consuming their souls to unlock new combos, skills and transformations.

The complete edition includes all downloadable content released for the game in the one package!

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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