How to unlock our affiliation

What is affiliation?

Xbox-Store-Checker is in partnership with the Microsoft site. So when you go through our site, to access and buy a game on the Microsoft site, we receive a small commission.

This commission allows us to keep the site alive! This is very important!


Some applications in your browser may block our affiliation.

Indeed, some ad blockers, or VPNs can disable our affiliate links.

This means that when you buy a game through Xbox-Store-Checker, we do not receive any commission. 🙁

In addition to this, it is impossible for us to detect your purchase for the “Xbox-Store-Checker Refunds Your Games” contest!


The test:

If you have a green message, it means that well, your browser does not block our affiliate links. If not, read on to see how to unlock our affiliation 🙂


How to unlock our affiliation



Some VPNs have an ad tracking blocker, such as Winscribe VPN.

For Winscribe VPN, you must go to “Privacy Options”, then disable “Untraceable”.



Some AdBlockers may block our affiliation, if so, disable them.
Or add this domains to the white list :


Example of an extension that can block our affiliation: AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, AdBlock Premium, AdBlock Pro, Ghostery, Avast Online Security, etc.



Contact me

If you still can’t unlock our affiliation, feel free to contact me privately on my Facebook page “Xbox-Store-Checker

or by email : [email protected]

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