How buy FIFA 19 for 16 EUR / 18 USD ?

In this article, I will explain how to get FIFA 19 Standard Edition, for only 16 EUR (18 USD)!


Notice: Before reading the post, it is recommended to have read our tutorial on How to buy an Xbox One game on foreign store?


Video tutorial



1. Find the most interesting stores

The first thing to do is to go to the game page: FIFA 19 Standard Edition

As a reminder, only the gift card method works to buy on foreign stores.
Unfortunately, Turkish (TRY) and Argentinean (ARS) gift cards are almost impossible to find, or expensive, so I will not take them into account in this article.

We can see that exceptionally this version of FIFA 19 is at -30%!

I will show you the 3 best ways to buy FIFA 19 at the lowest possible price.



2. Hong-Kong Store

The Hong Kong store is only interesting if you already have some HKD money in your Hong Kong microsoft account.

Because the game costs 300.30 HKD, so you would just have to buy a 300 HKD card.

Knowing that a 300 HKD card costs 34,91 EUR (~= 40,12 USD) on PlayAsia



3. Singapore Store

The Singapore store is especially interesting if you have an EA Access subscription.

Indeed, by having EA Access you get -10% extra, so -40% off the game price!


With EA Access :

Game price : 47,94 SGD

Buy a 50 SGD giftcard on SeaGM for 31,29 EUR (~= 35.96 USD)


Without EA Access :

Game price : 55,93 SGD

Buy 3 x 20 SGD giftcard on SeaGM for 37,53 EUR (3 * 12,51 EUR)




4. USA Store

The best for the end, here is the USA store, which is also very interesting with an EA Access subscription.


With EA Access :

Game price : 35,99 USD

Buy a 30 USD giftcard and 2 x 3 USD giftcard on G2A for a total of 30,54 EUR


Without EA Access :

Game price : 41,99 USD

Buy a 40 USD giftcard and a 3 USD giftcard on G2A for a total of 35,77 EUR




5. Conclusion

As you can see, FIFA 19 is more interesting with EA Access!

In conclusion, whether or not you have EA Access, FIFA 19 will cost you EUR 30.54 or EUR 35.77 on the USA store when you buy the gift cards on the G2A website !

If you do not have EA Access but you still have some money left on the Hong Kong store, the game will cost you 34.91 EUR on the Hong Kong store by purchasing a 300 HKD gift card on the PlayAsia website.

This price is only possible because the game is currently at -30%, so hurry up it’s probably temporary!


Attention: There are taxes (a few dollars) on the USA store! To avoid this, and to have 0% tax, you will have to enter an address in the Alaska region, or Oregon when the site asks you to do so 😉

Here is an example address: 4800 Spenard Rd, Anchorage, Alaska 99517, United States



6. Tips

Sharing Account

Are you familiar with account sharing?!

This technique allows you to share all the games in your account with a friend or other trusted person!

By doing so, you can share the costs on the games you buy, by halving the price for example:-)

FIFA 19 will cost you 30.54 EUR divided by two => 15,27 EUR (~= 17 USD) ! A great economy.

To know how to do it here: [TUTORIAL] Sharing Xbox One games


EA Access

If you do not have an EA Access subscription, it may be worth taking 1 month of EA Access.

1 month of EA Access is not very expensive, the final price will be the same, except that you will have all the bonuses of EA Access for 1 month!

In addition, EA Access provides an additional -10% on all other EA games, as well as on FIFA 19 points 😉


How buy ?

To know how to buy on foreign stores, here is the tutorial: How buy on foreign store

5 Replies to “How buy FIFA 19 for 16 EUR / 18 USD ?”

  1. Athal Ward says:

    As I know, a couple of years ago I contacted Ms support and asked if the ea access discount stacks with the gold one. They told me it doesn’t, only the better discount are aplicable. So beware with that

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      EA access discount stacks with the gold one 😉
      Just look on the game page :

      $41.99 = -30% discount
      And with EA Access its $35.99 = -40% discount

      1. Athal Ward says:

        looks good then

  2. Joe Hill says:

    How long will the 30% off promotion be on for? Thanks

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      No idea sorry :

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