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  • Deň vydania : 12/09/2024

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France 59.99 € (EUR)   59.99  
Hong-Kong 464 $ (HKD)   54.59  
USA 59.99 $ (USD)   55.13  
Canada 76.99 $ (CAD)   51.53  
Singapore 87 $ (SGD)   59.43  
Brazil 222.45 R$ (BRL)   36.53  
Japan 8580 ¥ (JPY)   50.07  
South Africa 1009 R (ZAR)   50.74  
Mexico 1059 $ (MXN)   53.88  
Taiwan 2039 NT$ (TWD)   57.12  
Germany 59.99 € (EUR)   59.99  
Spain 59.99 € (EUR)   59.99  
England 49.99 £ (GBP)   59.32  
Australia 89.95 $ (AUD)   55.24  
Poland 277.49 zł (PLN)   64.7  
Saudi Arabia 224 ر.س.‏ (SAR)   54.89  
Czech Republic 1719 Kč (CZK)   68.14  
Swenden 599 kr (SEK)   51.54  
Norway 614 kr (NOK)   51.68  
Israel 226 ₪ (ILS)   56.93  
Italy 59.99 € (EUR)   59.99  
Portugal 59.99 € (EUR)   59.99  
MTCGame 49.04 € (EUR)   49.04  

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Preorder Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown and get the Ford GT 2006* for free. This prestigious vehicle pays tribute to the famous 1960s Ford GT40 and is legendary among all car enthusiasts. Its V8 engine generates 558hp and offers a unique driving experience.

* The car automatically unlocks in your garage when you reach level 20.

13 years after the release of Test Drive Unlimited 2, TDUSC reinvents the open-world massively multiplayer racing game genre. Express your passion for cars via innovative gameplay and meticulous attention to detail. Test drive then purchase cars directly from dealerships, customize them in workshops, and display them in the garage of your Solar Hotel suite. Each car offers a unique driving experience and complete immersion (windows, sunroofs, engines, etc.) and it's this exclusive experience that dictates which car you want to choose on any given day.

Drive around a map that has never featured in a racing game before: Hong Kong Island. Fully recreated at 1:1 scale, it is brimming with unique locations to explore. From old narrow streets and major highways to mountain roads and beaches: every cruise will be different from the last. Alone or with friends, set off and search for hundreds of collectible items that offer a variety of rewards.

Acquire iconic models from all the famous manufacturers: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin and many more. In total, over 30 car manufacturers are represented with a variety of car types, from 1960s daily drivers to ultra-modern hypercars to off-road vehicles.

Create an avatar to represent you and meet other car enthusiasts in the streets of Hong Kong or in one of the many social hubs: the Solar Hotel, car dealerships, workshops, clan HQs… These places are ideal for meeting people and sharing your passion for cars together.

Take part in the clan wars by joining one of the two families fighting for supremacy: the Streets, the flamboyant provocateurs; or the Sharps, who prefer understated sophistication. Go head-to-head with the challengers of each clan in thrilling races to climb the ranks and earn unique rewards.

Dominate your opponents in a ranked mode designed for competitive racing. From Bronze rank to Solar King/Queen, your progress will be equal parts challenging and satisfying with a range of exclusive rewards available for those looking for PvP battles.

(Source : http://microsoft.com)

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