Here is the FAQ

  • Is it possible to pay by credit card or Paypal ?
    • There is a more complicated technique for paying by Paypal. It’s necessary to use a VPN, but it’s better not to pay by credit card because it can be quickly blocked by Microsoft. 🙁
  • If I buy from a foreign country, will the game be in my language on my console?
    • Yes ! The console is not zoned, which means that if you buy your game in Russian or Japanese for example, it will be in your language on your console 😉
  • Where can I buy gift cards?
  • Microsoft Store’s giftcards work on Xbox ?
    • Yes of course! 🙂
  • How buy RUB giftcard on Nilt.ru
  • How buy USD giftcard on Amazon.com
  • Can I use my gift card anywhere?
    • Nope! Each gift card is zoned to its own country. A Russian gift card (RUB) will only work on the Russian region.
  • Do I need to use a VPN to buy my game with my gift cards?
    • No, no need for VPN. (except for Argentine and Turkish store)
  • How do I buy a game, once I have my gift card?
  • Do i have to create a new Microsoft account for each region?
    • No. A single Microsoft account can buy on multiple regions.
  • I need to enter a new address every time i buy on a new region?
    • Yes, Microsoft requests an address for each region.
  • Are there any taxes?
    • Yes, depending on the country. For example, there are some taxes in the U.S, Colombia and Canada region. The amount depends on the department or city present on your billing addresse.
    • Please note that the prices displayed on Xbox Store Checker don’t include taxes.
  • Is it possible to buy 360 backward games on foreign store ?
    • Nope! 360 backward games are region locked
  • I can’t use my balance, even though I did credit my gift card!
    • After an update from Microsoft, to be able to use your balance you must add a credit card + address on the store in case.