Facebook page closed!

Facebook page closed!

Hello everybody !

Small news on the website, which has nothing to do with the Microsoft / Xbox environment this time !

It’s to announce you that unfortunately our 2nd page has been closed by Facebook… without any reason, or indication.

We had no warning, no notification from Facebook.
Some people, probably jealous, had fun to report each of the publications so that our page is closed.

For the moment no new page, until it calms down, all the news of the website will be on our Twitter profile!
Of course I invite you all to follow it 😉

Have a good game, have fun !

Adding MTCGame prices: New partnership!

Adding MTCGame prices: New partnership!


We have entered into a new partnership with the MTCGame website, which sells xbox one games in the form of code (gift).
As a result, you can now see the prices of xbox games available at MTCGame, directly in the price tables.

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