Update Note

Here are latest updates on Xbox Store Checker

01.02.2018 – V3.2

  • Big change in the architecture of the site
  • Changing the top menu
  • Persistence of the “Show only with gift cards” button
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • A few small graphic changes

08.11.2017 – V3.1

  • Price alert system for each game
  • Display of a graph containing the price history for each game
  • New page “Recent Price Changes”
  • The website is now in HTTPS protocol
  • Various bug fixes

04.09.2017 – V3.0.1

  • Layout “Compact” added on game list pages
  • Minor bugs fixed

02.09.2017 – V3.0

  • Complete redesign of the website, for better ergonomics and better design
  • Page “game list” :
    • New filter: the regions!
    • Possibility of customizing the prices min and max
  • Adding a blog engine
    • Deals With Gold
    • Games With Gold
    • New games this week
    • etc..
  • New page FAQ
  • New page “EA Access” comparaison
  • New page “Xbox Live Gold” comparaison
  • New page “Xbox Game Pass” comparaison
  • New server more efficient and overall optimization of the website :
    • Games are updated faster
    • Loading pages is faster
  • Fixed several bugs.


2 Antworten auf „Update Note“

  1. suggestion says:

    You should add an option to add a favorite store or two to always show even if you didnt toggle giftcard regions or not.

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Thanks for your feedback, i add it in my todo list 😉

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