(FINISHED) Drop Russian gift card codes (12 000 RUB) for the Black Friday 2017!

For the event of the Black Friday 2017, I organize a drop of Russian gift card codes on Xbox-Store-Checker!

Set off chance, make way for speed!

EDIT: Giveaway closed!

A bit disappointed with the few winners who showed up on the contest, but it doesn’t matter 🙂
Know that this contest was really bonus, I maintain my monthly contests with random selection! Have a good weekend!

Here’s the program:

  • (finished) 2 codes of 1000 RUB: 24/11/2017 between 9am and 11am
  • (finished) 2 codes of 1000 RUB: 24/11/2017 between 1pm and 3pm
  • (finished) 2 codes of 2000 RUB: 24/11/2017 between 8pm and 10pm
  • (finished) BONUS: 2 codes of 2000 RUB only on Facebook Xbox-Store-Checker page: 24/11/2017 between 9am and 10pm
    A total of 12,000 RUB to be won during the day!


Note : I use France Time Zone (UTC+01:00)

The codes will be visible on all pages of the site, at this location (see cursor)


They will be in the format of an image, so it is impossible to make a copy/paste.

The 2 codes will not come at the same time, for example a code can arrive at 9:15am, and the second at 10:15am.

Good luck to all and good Black Friday! 😀

35 Replies to “(FINISHED) Drop Russian gift card codes (12 000 RUB) for the Black Friday 2017!”

  1. Spiffman Space says:


  2. Spiffman Space says:

    What time zone? GMT?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      I use France time zone (UTC+01:00), i will update the post, thanks

      1. Spiffman Space says:

        Something to consider for future drops is that bots can be scripted to steal codes, even from images:


        So maybe split the image in a certain way that would confuse bots.

        Not saying that that’s what’s happening on your site, but just in case.

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          Thanks for the tip, i’ll try to do something for next codes

  3. Fabiano says:

    Nice… but i never win :/

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      It’s time to try again! Good luck 😀

  4. YouKi Stitch Odding says:

    De quoi me faire plaisir pour Noël ??? super sympas ça ?

  5. Mcmulan Lee says:

    Je participe, c’est le moment d’être chanceux! 😉

  6. Luca says:

    Proviamo ??

  7. AO says:

    I would love to win for once!

  8. Fabiano says:

    Who win the first codes??/

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      I don’t know .. :

    2. Dima Sen says:

      1 have won the 1-st one

  9. a b says:

    Bitten for a fraction of a second…

  10. Yui Shojei says:

    Late…. ARGHGGHH

  11. a b says:

    far too fast for me, both codes were gone after <15 seconds

  12. EHz_ says:

    I have a service that notifiy me at every website change. I was in this site max 1 second after every code was released. All codes are already used. This is simply a scam.

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Either your service is not working properly, or you are not the fastest, quite simply.
      But no, it’s not scam.

      1. EHz_ says:

        It works pretty well because works on local machine. 100ms max delay. I’ll try again with next codes.

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          Maybe somes persons do the same of you.
          But I assure you it’s not a scam. The codes are real, they are all in RUB because they come from a Russian partner (Nilt)

          Good luck !

          1. Roman Zi says:

            Julien, to avoid such accusations in the future, i would suggest you to find a better way to determine the winner of such kinds of giveaways. With the current method not luck and determination are major factors to win but who has the best programs installed. For example if there was a button for a verry short period of time (like 2-5 minutes) and the winner is randomly selected from the people who pressed it, you could achieve the same outcome for the website (high trafic for a rather long period of time), while at the same time making it more fair and leaving a possibility of transparancy (who participated? who won?)…..

          2. Julien Huriez says:

            Thanks Roman, i take note.

            I’ll make a note, it’s interesting.
            It is certain that in the future I will use a better way to earn this kind of code. To avoid programs and bots.

            Unfortunately, for the 2 remaining codes of 2000 RUB, I couldn’t do anything more (lack of time).

            Good luck

          3. EHz_ says:

            Good idea. RNG + skill is the best method.

      2. Mcmulan Lee says:

        Hi, i won the first code of “24/11/2017 between 1pm and 3pm”.
        Thanks you for the 1000RUB giveaway.
        And i’m sorry for those who tell this is a SCAM.

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          Cool ! Nice job !
          Profit 😉

    2. Roman Zi says:

      I can also ensure you that it is not a scam. I won the recent november giveaway, got informed yesterday, allready recieved the codes today and bought 4 black friday deal games with it.
      It is exactly as Julien said prob a dozen of people use the same method as you and prob some of them have an even better method than you and prepared for it. Try it again maybe it will work.
      And i would suggest you to participate in the randomly selected giveaways bc compared to the lottery odds between 1:100 and 1:200 are pretty decent.

    3. Mcmulan Lee says:

      Hi, i cannot let you tell here this contestation is à SCAM. I won the First code of “24/11/2017 between 1pm and 3pm”.
      I won this code because during 10 minutes i stay on this page and i refresh it manually Every 1 seconde.

  13. Raffaele says:

    i hope

  14. Rafael says:


  15. Dima Sen says:

    Have won 1000 rub code. Thanks a lot!

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Nice ! 🙂

  16. EHz_ says:

    Well, last code. I’m here. 10 seconds. Already used. It’s not possible.

    1. a b says:

      nothing here as well…

  17. Fabiano says:

    I try two times, but people is realy very fast….. lol

    I cant win…. I hope to going have more luck next time… =)

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