How to buy digital Xbox One games on foreign stores ?

Currently, there are 2 methods to buy on foreign stores

Either via games “code”. Click here to see how to buy and activate a game “code”.
Or via Xbox Live gift cards. Read the rest of the page to see how to do it 😉


Buying Xbox Live gift cards

In this technique, you need to buy Xbox Live gift cards, and then use them to buy games on foreign stores.
This technique is the simplest, but unfortunately some stores doesn’t offer gift cards.


Video tutorials

I’m adding some links to video tutos made by YouTubeur that explain how to buy Xbox one games on foreign stores:

FR Videos

EN Videos

DE Videos

ES Videos

Vidéos PL


 Text tutorial

1. Buy your Xbox Live gift card

Gift cards are zoned.
For example, if you want to buy a game on Canadian store, you must purchase a gift card in Canadian dollars (CAD). (Do not confuse with American dollars : USD !)


It’s no longer possible to purchase foreign gift cards on the official Microsoft website.
Now you have to go through third-party sites such as G2A, MTCGame, SeaGM or PlayAsia.

Here is a page listing all websites that sell digital gift cards : Where buy Xbox Live gift cards


2. Get your game on foreign store

What you should know is that your wallet are specific to each store (country).

If you credit 100 Canadian dollars (CAD) to your account. You can’t buy games on a store other than Canada with the $100 CAD.

  1. Access the game’s page on our site Xbox-Store-Checker, then click on the button “View on”.
  2. You’ll be redirected to the official website with the page of the game, and the desired store.
  3. First log in to your Microsoft account if you have not already done so
  4. You will have to credit your gift card on your Microsoft account, I invite you to follow this tuto :
  5. When it is done, click on the button to buy the game.

  6. You should see your balance

  7. Click on the green button to buy the game
  8. The game is purchased and you can now download it to your console, in your language!
    Have fun!



Differences depending on the store


On the Brazilian store

On the Brazilian store, following an update from Microsoft, to be able to use your balance you must add a credit card + address on the store in question.

For the credit card, you can use your own! No need for a Brazilian credit card 😉

Example : 

  1. You buy 50 BRL (Brazilian store)
  2. You credit these 50 BRLs to your Brazilian Microsoft account
  3. When you buy the game, you can’t use your 50 BRLs because you don’t see them anywhere.
  4. You must add another payment method (credit card) on the Brazilian store. You can use yours without any problem! Only the address must be located in Brazil.
  5. You can now buy your game with your 50 BRL 😉


On the Turkish and Argentinean store

On these two stores there are 2 security features:

  1. When adding a gift card code to your account: I invite you to read this article
  2. During the attempted purchase:

Indeed, if this is the first time you buy on one of these two stores, it is very likely that when you validate the purchase you have an error.

Don’t panic, just wait 4 to 14 days (on average 4), trying once a day. After a while, it’ll come to pass! Good luck!

Once the first purchase is made, you will no longer have this problem 😉


On the Canadian store

Be careful with the Canadian store, there is a tax that varies according to the address.

To get the minimum, you must put an address in the state of Alberta to get 5% tax


On the USA store

Same thing on the US store, except you can get 0% tax by putting an address in the state of Oregon or Alaska 😉 !


227 Replies to “How to buy digital Xbox One games on foreign stores ?”

  1. Stefano Marchetti says:

    You can do this with no problem? or the gift card may not be redeemable.

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes it’s work perfectly

      1. holmsy says:

        why is it is asking me to add my Brazilian address for my profile before I can fully purchase

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          It’s normal, just put an fake address in Brazil, like hotel

  2. Jordi Karssen says:

    If I purchase a game in the Hong Kong store, can I play it in Dutch as well? I can just download it in the language of my xbox? And can I share the games within my household?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes, your game will be in Dutch on your console 😉

      -> FAQ :

      1. Jordi Karssen says:

        Sorry, overlooked that! Thank you so much!

    2. BlackEagleBR says:

      1- Only if the game support the language (if it doesn’t support Dutch, you will not be able to play on Dutch, and so on).
      2- It will download on your Xbox. What defines the language is the console and it’s configuration, not the country or origin.
      3- Yes, you can. You can even share your account with a friend and both play the game on the two consoles.

  3. Jason Cripps says:

    Need to somehow buy credit from Egypt, such low prices – but no way to pay!

    1. BlackEagleBR says:

      Go to Egypt, make a friend there (or find a girlfriend/wife/husband/mistress/other), have him/her/it get a credit card and buy the games for you when you need it…

  4. Lawrence Bettison says:

    Can you not just pay with a debit card?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Nope sadly 🙁

      1. BlackEagleBR says:

        Hey, at least you get some (or a lot of) miles 😉

  5. Despacito_Srespacito says:

    Hi, anybody know how to buy in EGYPT?

    Argentina, Brasil, even Hong-Kong, but still i dont have idea what can i bait EGYPT… 🙁

    Someone help??

    (VPN, Egypt address, and still nothing… i need egytp virtual prepaid card – i think or gift card? if exist)

    1. Hobgoblin says:

      I am trying it doesn’t work It is a pain in the butt from egypt.

    2. victor ye says:

      I’ve linked my international credit card to EGYPT market. It authorized but can’t buy anything. MS probably banned foreign credit card. Unfortunately EGYPT market has no gift card until now.

    3. BlackEagleBR says:

      Only way to date is to have an egiptian friend with a local credit card (they don’t have virtual pre-paid cards, I’ve searched) that buy it for you….

  6. Boris Martínek says:

    Can i use 2 gift cards for one buy? For example i have US 10 and 50 dollars gift card and i want buy assins creed origins for 60 dollars ty for answer

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes ! Of course ! 🙂

  7. Alex says:

    now the microsoft store opens the link automatically under Windows store APP, how to avoid it?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      On Quantum Break ? If yes, it’s because it’s the PC version.
      Xbox version are here =>

  8. Alex says:

    Can you use your own credit/debit card in different country store?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      No you can’t, only gift card work

  9. Sergio Casca says:

    Is this still working ?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes, giftcard method still working

      1. Sergio Casca says:

        Do I need to change my address in my microsoft account to some random address of the country from where I am going to buy the game with previously purchased gift cards, .ie, change to an USA Alaska address after purchasing North Americ gift cards, from G2a for example, before buying the game?

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          If you buy a game in a region where you never bought it, it will ask you for an address automatically.
          This is where you will have to put an address randomly (example a Hotel)

        2. BlackEagleBR says:

          Yes, but only the first time, the other purchases will use the adress you put. Remember to check for local taxes (xbox-store-checker tells you witch one is better to put)

  10. victor ye says:

    Hey Julien I’m living in China but the xbox live CN market sucks due to the censorship. I’ve always bought the games from foreign market with gift cards. My question is that I have a Multi-currency credit card (mastercard). I have tried to linked my credit card to the region that I desired to buy . When I added card to the region It worked and MS took small amount of money for pre-authorize but I can’t buy anything even linked my paypal account to US market but the results are the same. So MS just banned credit card to buying from different region?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Hi, yes MS can ban credit card.
      The only way is to use gift card method, it’s the safest way

    2. BlackEagleBR says:

      Same here (Credit Card from Brazil trying to buy from Argentina), I get the pre-authorization (I got a refund a week later) but can’t buy there…unfortunately today only the gift cards method works…or if you have a foreing credit card (from the country you want to buy)…

  11. Daniel Lee says:

    can confirm this works for Singapore, just bought 2 games

  12. Best Already says:

    can i buy from foreign stores by paypal ?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      nope sadly 🙁

      1. BlackEagleBR says:

        Actually the Brazil store accepts Paypal…but doesn’t know if it works…

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          Yes it’s only work if you are located in Brazil :

  13. André Eidler says:

    Great tutorial! But anyone knows where I can get gift cards for Argentina?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Hi, it’s not possible 🙁 Gift card doesn’t exist in Argentina

  14. BLUNTMAN187 . says:

    Is this still working?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes 🙂

  15. Kieran Briggs says:

    Does this work if I use bank card as purchase method… Like will I still get the game for same price as if I used a gift card?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Sadly, since 2016 bank card method are blocked by Microsoft on foreign region 🙁

      You can try

      1. Kieran Briggs says:

        Thanks for the reply 🙂

  16. BLUNTMAN187 . says:

    Ok I finally tried this works great question can I remove the foreign address off of my account then readd it Everytime I buy another game?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes you can 🙂

  17. MetaCloud says:

    Okay I bought 30 brl on seagm and Xbox store knows that it is right card but every time brings up error when I try to redeem it.. Please help

  18. Julien Huriez says:

    test de 162

  19. Mark Slavin says:

    Does Revolut not work any more?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Nope 🙁

    2. BlackEagleBR says:

      Doesn’t know…can’t make one (it’s only avaliable to Europe, not Brazil) 🙁

  20. Mike says:

    Just bought Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition from Argentina using an international card and 2 programs, VPN Gate and Connectify Hotspot. You need a pc/notebook with wifi. Here’s how I did:
    1- install both programs e restart PC.
    2- add your card to the region you want to buy and change your xbox one to the same region.
    3- start VPN Gate and choose the region you want.
    4- start Connectify. The program is hidden into the system tray. In Internet to Share, choose the VPN. Add a password and click start hotspot.
    5- in your xbox, connect to the wireless you created with Connectify. Use the xbox browser to check if your IP is from the region you want. After that, try buying the game. Good luck.

  21. Mike says:

    why was my comment deleted??

  22. Mohammad Mouhid says:

    Does this work for DLC as well? Do you have to change the region or something to work? Thanks

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes it’s work, you don’t need to change the region.

      Just follow the tutorial 🙂

      1. Mohammad Mouhid says:

        Which tutorial? Thanks btw

          1. Mohammad Mouhid says:

            Wow…nice one. Thanks for that but like i bought Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 from America and then I bought all its dlc from Turkey using the gift card method. The dlc downloaded and everything but it is not showing up in the game.

          2. Julien Huriez says:

            Ugh :s it’s strange, normally it’s possible to do that

          3. BlackEagleBR says:

            Strange, I’ve already bought a ton of DLC from other regions. Check if it is instaled without problems and, if still doesn’t show, try changing the region of the console to Turkey, open the game, quit the game, change the region back to yours. If it doesn’t work, try reinstalling the game.

  23. Julien Huriez says:

    Thanks you !

    Here is a link with search :,L:undefined%5D

    It’s work fine ? Have you tested ?

    1. Guillaume Dupont says:

      Vous avez pu tester les gift cartes Argentin, car si c’est fonctionnelle je suis intéressé car souvent les jeux sont pas cher là bas

      1. Julien Huriez says:

        Pas encore désolé

    2. Po says:

      I tried to make a purchase but on the Payment Page I didn’t know what to put in for ID Card Holder.

      1. BlackEagleBR says:

        Just put your regular number, don’t worry if it has more numbers, it only need the first ones.

        1. Greg says:

          Hi… just checking, what ID are your referring to. Seems that the Mercado platform is asking for a proper ID Card number. I assume it’s expecting an Argentinian one?

      2. Greg says:

        I have the same question basically… I assume the system is expecting an Argentinian type ID card?

  24. trxk says:

    Can I use, 3 gift card for one purchase?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes of course 🙂

  25. Para says:

    Does this work for Windows games ? I mean Can I buy a 75TRY Xbox Gift Card to buy State of Decay 2 for Winwows on the Turkish store ? Because I can’t find any Turkish Windows Gift Card…

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes, it’s work with Xbox PlayAnywhere games 😉 It’s ok for State of Decay 2 .

      1. TechaNinja says:

        I tried to redeem gift card and it just told me the gift card cannot be redeemed from this location (Australia).

        It’s 25TRY code

        1. BlackEagleBR says:

          Change the location to Turkey and use the code again (use the phone app so you can mantain the language you want)

  26. Baldcat says:

    I can help generate gift with any game from Russia store from my xboxlive account for all needs gamers. It’s only 10 gifts by two weeks from 1 account with sales and unlimited gifts without sale. If you can’t buy self in Russian store message me for help. I from Russia and have 2 accounts(my and wife) with Xbox Live Gold and game pass for save money by microsoft subscription sales.

  27. Julien Huriez says:

    Many users report that they cannot use their Microsoft balances (gift cards), even though they have credited their gift cards to their Microsoft accounts.

    Indeed, after an update from Microsoft, to be able to use your balance you must add a credit card + address on the store in case.

    Example :
    1. You buy 50 BRL (Brazilian store)
    2. You credit these 50 BRL on your Brazilian Microsoft account
    3. When you buy the game, you can’t use your 50 BRL because you don’t see them anywhere.
    4. You must add another payment method (credit card) on the Brazilian store.
    5. You can now buy your game with your 50 BRL 😉

    1. Xo FRENzY oX says:

      Mine isnt letting me put my card details in.. saying the details dont match the card????

      1. JCM89 says:

        Same thing happened to me. I bought a gift card from Brazil, activated the code on my Microsoft account, but I can’t use the credit because I can’t add a payment method. 🙁

        1. Xo FRENzY oX says:

          Possibly this method no longer works.. microsoft are a smart bunch 😁 I guess i just have to accept from now on im going to have to pay usual over-prices

          1. JCM89 says:

            IT WORKS! 😀 I went to my Microsoft account on Xbox One and deleted some of my other payment methods/adresses. (I had a few others from Singapore, Hong Kong etc.) than added a fake one for Brazil, and it worked! Guess I had too many…

          2. Xo FRENzY oX says:

            So did you just put caed details in and fake name and address??

          3. JCM89 says:

            Glad that I could help! 🙂

          4. egi says:

            Hi, mind telling me the procedure, I’m new at this stuff but I don’t quite get it yet.

            So I go and buy a gift card for the Mexican store for example and use it to buy the game. But now I can’t and I should add a brazilian credit card?

            how, sorry?

          5. Xo FRENzY oX says:

            Hi.. simply change the region of the console to the region of whatever currency you are using. Add you card details as normal but use an address from whatever country you want to buy from.. just find an address for a hotel or something.. once added you can spend the game credit

          6. egi says:

            Hmm I am at work right now but I judt bought Just Cause 3 from the Brazilian store in the browser. I followed your steps with the address and now apparently I just have to change my console region to Brazil and Download the game when I get home.

            I’ll try it tonight and let you guys know if it works. Thanks a lot for the tip

          7. Xo FRENzY oX says:

            If you have already purchased the game then you should have no issues.. good luck pal

    2. MightyDuck says:

      This doesn’t work anymore. I’m not able to redeem a code from (Brazil) in my account.Anyone a solution? Now I hae a brazilian gift card with no use.

    3. Matt says:

      Do you need a Brazilian credit card and address in order to use gift cards now?

      1. Julien Huriez says:

        No no! For the brazilian store with giftcard, you just need to insert your credit card (Not necessarily Brazilian), for the address : YES, you must insert an address in Brazil.
        Just use a random brazilian hostel 😉

        1. Matt says:

          Ah, great! You’re such a huge help. I’ll always use your links now 🙂 thankyouthankyou!

          1. Julien Huriez says:

            Thank for your support! 🙂

          2. James Watts says:

            Do I need to purchase the gift card 1st, so it shows up after Ive put my card details on there. Because not even redeem a code is showing. Just the card i put on for the purpose of this.

  28. Muhammad says:

    Hey dudes, can I use a fake credit card… I don’t have one yet 😥

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      I think no, but you can try :

    2. BlackEagleBR says:

      You can, but don’t complain if Interpol goes after you lol

      1. BlackEagleBR says:

        Just get a pre-paid card from yout country…it’s easier this way and does’nt have a problem.

  29. Aafaq Virk says:

    where can i get egyptian gift cards?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Egyptian gift cards doesn’t exist on xbox sorry

  30. XboxToeter says:

    Is this method still working?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      of course!

      1. Thijs says:

        Does it work if you don’t have a creditcard.

  31. MATGR says:

    I want to buy the Fortnite Starter Pack which cost 59 TRY in Turkey, but I can only buy 25, 50 and 100 gift cards.

    My question is can I use 2 gift cards to buy something ?

    Must I buy a 50 TRY gift card + a 25 TRY gift card or just a 100 TRY gift cards ?

    Thanks for your help 🙂

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Hello, you can buy 50 + 25 TRY no problem! 🙂 Have fun

    2. BlackEagleBR says:

      You have to buy 25+25+25 or 25+50 or 100 TRY. The remaining will stay on your account for future purchases.

  32. Emulatronic says:

    What about xbox360 games? I have credit left from a Gift Card, but it’s not showing for 360 games

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      xbox360 games are region locked 🙁 You can’t buy them with your credit giftcard sadly

  33. AJ says:

    Is MTCGame a trustable site? There’s also SEAGM offering turkey gift cards. Any luck with both?

    1. AJ says:

      Decided to go for MTCGame, got my 2 100tr xbox gift cards. Delivery in few hours. So far so good.

      1. Julien Huriez says:

        Sorry for delay! Yes MTCGame and SeaGM are safe.
        But MTCGame is partner with Xbox-Store-Checker 😉

        Have fun!

  34. Hobgoblin says:

    What is the new method to use, we are not using vpn anymore?

    1. BlackEagleBR says:

      Yes, the $ are argentina pesos (Ars), US$ is USA dollars.

    2. Jonathan Mora says:

      I want to buy No mans sky on the arg store… but was looking on this, work for u?

      1. Hobgoblin says:

        I have not tried it yet, I find it hard to understand if we buy a card for 150 argentinian pesos that is like 5$ which is not much.

        1. Jonathan Mora says:

          Yeah me too… Better try with turkey store Bro

          1. Julien Huriez says:

            Yes the giftcard method (on turkey store) still working 😉

  35. Jonathan Mora says:

    Any know if this still working, want no mans sky on the turkey store, but that thing about a credit card+ adress… the credit card, work with any?

    1. Cosmin says:

      I bought from Turkey store with my credit card today and worked. I just added my credit card and a hotel address.

      1. Danny Paquette says:

        How did you do it? Would like to buy Dark Souls from Turkey store. Don’t seem to work using my CC.

  36. Nick van Keulen says:

    I found out a way to make it work easy.
    First get on the pc, change the region in windows to the region you bought your giftcard from.
    Open up the xbox app on your pc, and go to the store and click on redeem.
    You dont need any creditcard or something…You will need to put in an adres from that country you use.
    Google is your friend for adresses. 😉

    1. RD says:

      Won’t you need to change the region on your console to download it though??

      1. Nick van Keulen says:

        No because you bought the game already on the store thru your Xbox app.
        And the games are always region free.
        When you bought a game it will appear in ready to download.

      2. Julien Huriez says:

        No 😉

        1. XXX says:

          i want to buy game in turkey region, i have already bought gift cards
          and i have added to my account, but it is not working. VPN and region
          stuff changed

          1. Julien Huriez says:

            It’s turkish store security, you must 3-4 days, and retry to buy.
            Check this post :

          2. Mjeed says:

            If you get sloution Please tell me

          3. Julien Huriez says:

            Hi, no solution exist, you must wait between 3 and 14 days for complete purchase on turkish region.
            You can try one time every day, no timer exist 😉

            Keep us informed please! 🙂 good luck

    2. Sadi Etkeser says:

      Is this method still working?

      1. Julien Huriez says:

        Yes of course!

  37. Julien Huriez says:

    Hey! thanks you for your help 🙂

    But when you buy with giftcard, can you do it from the website instead of your console (like in the tutorial)? When you do that, i receive a small commission from Microsoft, it’s help me a lot ^^

    1. AJ says:

      count me in! I’m buying a new one this week, will do it from the website instead but how will they know I’m referring from your site after I go to microsoftdotcom? Thanks.

      1. Julien Huriez says:

        Thanks you very much! That help me alot 😉

        Just click here to be redirect to, you’ll be referring from my site 😀

      2. XXX says:

        i want to buy game in turkey region, i have already bought gift cards
        and i have added to my account, but it is not working. VPN and region
        stuff changed?!

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          It’s turkish store security, you must 3-4 days, and retry to buy..
          Check this post :

  38. AJ says:

    I’m selling Argentina Xbox Gift cards 500 ARS credit, 35USD paypal only

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Hi AJ,

      Can you contact me on my email address please ? I have some questions 😉

      => [email protected]

    2. Sam says:

      Hey, i’m interested if you still have these?

      1. AJ says:

        no mate, buy from the ebay user bopayarg1
        he sells cheaper, like 29usd for 500ARS

    3. Granit Gashi says:

      u people are willing to pay 35USD for a $13 argentina gift card holy shit fucking morons

      1. Sam says:

        Do the maths, still works out cheaper to buy a game this way. So you are the fucking moron.

        1. Jordan Traynor says:

          Sam, here’s an example. Red Dead Redemption 2 is $1499(ARS) this works out the cheapest currently available in the world. You would need 3 of these 500 ARS Cards which will cost you $105.

          Do the Maths

      2. AJ says:

        I’m not selling anymore! Buy from this guy at ebay I bought last month 500ars for 29USD,

        Yes it will always be expensive, but the worth depends on each game or DLC. I spent those 500ars gift card in just GTA Online shark cards while there was 50% bonus for each purchase of great white or greater, I bought like 4 times great white cash card plus one small shark card using the leftovers and I received 9-10 millions. There’s no way I can buy 10millions gta cash with just 30USD haha

    4. EuroGamer says:

      Hi AJ,

      Do you know how this would work now?
      Going by you need to enter in a Paid method (usually CC in my case) when using Gift Cards and that MS have placed a BIN check on CC to check originating Bank / Country region (UK in my case)?

      Did email @julienhuriez:disqus and attempt this method since the modification MS put in place?

      Apologies on the questions and thanks in advanced.

  39. Kevin says:

    Is this still working? Thx.

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes of course

  40. RIP Mac says:

    got marketplace banned doing this 14 days

  41. Granit Gashi says:

    this site makes no sense why would u pay $800 for a $500 card lol

  42. gary_e says:

    It’s a pity you can only buy Argentine Credit directly from Microsoft & everywhere is sold out of Turkish Credit.

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      I’m agree 🙁

  43. Elias says:

    How can you use your Brazilian gift card if you don’t have a Brazilian credit card to put in? I tried putting in a generated number and then my real number but it wont accept it.

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      The credit card doesn’t need to be located in Brazil, you can put your credit card

      Only address must be located in Brazil

    2. Julien Huriez says:

      If your real credit card doesn’t, try to change the owner’s name, reverse the name and first name, just put the name, etc.

  44. neremyy says:

    When I become a member I want the phone number on the site

  45. neremyy says:

    I live in Turkey. If you want gift cards or games, contact me.

    [email protected]

  46. neremyy says:

    I live in turkey and now no way I can please help me a purchase from argentina

  47. George Gregory says:

    Could anyone show me/ tell me how to do this whilst in a xbox party

    GT is: Georgie Gregory

    Would be much appreciated

  48. George Gregory says:

    @julienhuriez:disqus you available mate?

    1. Julien Huriez says:


      1. George Gregory says:

        could you help me figure out this gift card method, ive bought a singapore 100 gift card what do i do now

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          Add them into your microsoft wallet, on singapore store. And use your microsoft wallet for buy the game.

          Look the tutorial 😉

  49. whats the best/easiest way to do this now? i’m from uk but want to buy red dead redemption 2… any ideas or can someone help?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      The best deal for red dead redemption is to it on the singapore store.
      Because turkish giftcard are out of stock.


      As you can see, the game cast 81 $ (SGD) on the singapore store
      Search for SGD giftcard on this page :

      I’ve searched for you, the best price for this giftcard is on SeaGM 😉

      Once you’ve bought SGD giftcard, add them into your microsoft wallet (on singapore store), and use them for buy your game.

      If you follow the tutorial on this page, it’s easy 😉

      1. thanks. i’m just disappointed in myself as i was delaying to buy Red Dead Redemption just before the release day (october 26). i guess its my fault i didnt use the vpn trick and preorder. damn! lost out as i could have got the ultimate edition for £45 but now i can only get the stanard for £45 🙁

  50. 1ndrew says:

    can I buy with balance that is already on my account? I added 5 dollars usd and I’m wondering if this method works with usd balance

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes you can! If you have 5 dollars USD, you can only buy on the US store with this wallet

  51. Oliver Madge says:

    Hi there, Does anyone know anywhere selling turkish gift cards?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Hi, try to contact this reseller :

  52. Oliver Madge says:

    Is Monzo still Working?

  53. George Gregory says:

    still confirmed to be working?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes sure, the giftcard method works fine

      1. Sadi Etkeser says:

        Do we need to have a credit card added as payment method to get it done?

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          Sometime on the brazil store, but the credit card is not used, it’s just a human verification

  54. skodde says:

    Can someone advise how do I buy from Turkish store? I want to buy Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate. Where can I buy Turkish gift cards? Or Brazilian would be OK as well.

    1. skodde says:

      Also, do I need to enter VALID turkish/brazilian credit card info? Or can I use a made up one?

  55. mesoamerican_gamer says:

    I am getting worried, yesterday my payment method (a debit card from local bank that has Visa payment info)registered for argentina address that used to work without any changes (i don’t live in any xbox region) now didn’t let me buy Forza 7 on sale. I am worried my previous preorder made to argentina a few months ago for Anthem now won’t go though when the time comes. Has anyone else had problems in the past two days? The website nor console methods work anymore.

  56. davemanoli says:

    I’ve noticed now I can’t remove any of my addresses in my microsoft account they all say that they are in use for some reason or other which only made sence for two (live on one, preorder on the other) of the five listed.

  57. Vlad_S says:

    Hi everyone. I recently bought from mtc witcher 3 for just 8€. Unfortunately its a turkish key and I cannot redeem it in my greek account. I have already changed region but effortlessly. Any suggestions?

    1. Julien Huriez says:


      Never buy xbox game key.. Most often they are keys from another region, so impossible to add to your Microsoft account….

      1. Vlad_S says:

        Thanks for the instant reply. When i tried to redeem it i got the following message:
        Contact the seller to get a code that works in your region. This code was purchased in a different region and cannot be redeemed.

        2018/10/11 – 11:51:39 UTC “

        So you suggest to let it pass by and it’s pointless to try anything else?

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          Sadly yes 🙁

  58. Arvindan Shanmugam says:

    Looks like nothing is working. Credit/Debit Card is not possible, you can’t buy gift cards from their respective regions, sites that “sell” gift cards are not legit most of the time. Even if they’re legit, most of the time they’re out of stock. Nothing works even if I change my region/language/whatever…

    and the prices in Europe is so fucking absurd!!!

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Only the giftcard method works, other methods like credit/debit card or VPN doesn’t work.

      You can buy giftcard on reseller website like G2A, MTCGame or PlayAsia without problem 😉

      Turkish and Argentina giftcard are out of stock everywhere,
      But other store like Brazil, Singapore, US or Hong-Kong for example, work fine 🙂

  59. Xuxa Vieira says:

    Not working for me here. I bought a Turkey card, added to my account and the balance does show as a payment option but the order fails on the last step. I hope it’s related to xbox live experiencing problems today because if not I lost 50 turkish money.

    1. Xuxa Vieira says:

      Still nothing. I think microsoft banned all sorts of international purchases for good. And now I’m stuck with 50 turkish money on my account forever.

      1. Julien Huriez says:


        This problem affects a few people but we can’t know why…
        It only concerns the Turkish store, all the other stores are OK

        Did you use the SPAM method in September, on the Turkish store?
        I have the impression that this is the cause…

        Some people were able to use their Turkish balance after 48 hours without any attempt to purchase.

        Keep us informed!
        Personally I’m waiting for Friday, and I’m making a feedback.

        1. Xuxa Vieira says:

          I’ve never used the spam method. I’ll try again in a couple days and report back if it worked

        2. Xuxa Vieira says:

          I’ve waited a couple days and still doesn’t work. I’m stuck with these 50 turkish money. I kinda belive you that it’s a turkish store thing but after this I wouldn’t risk it. Microsoft is clearly very volatile about this whole thing, it’s not worth the risk for me. I’m just glad it’s just 50 turkish money and I didn’t buy the credit for an AAA game.

        3. Xuxa Vieira says:

          Buying on the turkish store with credits seems to be working normal now!

  60. James Phillips says:

    This method DOES NOT WORK. In order to use gift cards you MUST have a credit/debit card set up with that region. Microsoft now checks the card details against the address and card number so FAKE CARDS NO LONGER WORK and will get rejected. So you will have a gift card attached to your account in a region you CAN’T USE!

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      That is not true.
      Today I bought on US, Russian and Singapore stores with a gift card without having a credit card linked.
      Only the Brazilian store asks for a credit card, just put yours on and it works (I made 2 purchases today).

      Only the Turkish store has had some problems in recent days, even with a gift card.

      Do you have any examples of store bugs?

      1. anakin says:

        Did you add a credit card for when buying in Turkey? I ask because I heard stories of people buying from Turkey and later get banned for 2 weeks with their games removed. Maybe this only happens for people using credit cards on the Microsoft Store?

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          You don’t need to add a credit card for buying on Turkish store with giftcard.
          And if you follow the tutorial, you buy with giftcard, it’s safe 😉

  61. MAC says:

    Does the gift card method still work? I’m I required to put in my debit card details?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes still work 😉

      Only on the brazil store, you need to put your credit/debit card, but not used.
      It’s just human verification by Microsoft

    2. Xuxa Vieira says:

      Be advised: didn’t work on turkey for me

      1. Julien Huriez says:

        I have news!! For information, i have buy 275 TR for Metro Exodus Gold Edition.
        I have added giftcard in my microsoft account the 23/10, But I couldn’t buy the game, I had a error.

        I have retry 48 hours after, the 26/10, but same error.

        I have retry today, and it finally works! I was able to buy the game 😉

        1. Xuxa Vieira says:

          Worked for me as well, yay o/

  62. Fernando Stein says:

    Alguien sabe si las compras con gift cards ya estan bloqueadas ?? Puse una tarjeta de Turquía y tengo el saldo pero no me acepta el pago 😣

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      I have news!! For information, i have buy 275 TR for Metro Exodus Gold Edition.
      I have added giftcard in my microsoft account the 23/10, But I couldn’t buy the game, I had a error.

      I have retry 48 hours after, the 26/10, but same error.

      I have retry today, and it finally works! I was able to buy the game 😉 !!

      1. Fernando Stein says:

        Thanks for your reply julien, I will have to be patient 🙂

  63. Arvindan Shanmugam says:

    Is it possible to buy games from different regions using online bank cards like Revolut or N26? I heard people who has Revolut cards are able to buy games from different regions, not for N26. Anyone tried this method? If it was successful, please tell how did you do it, step by step.

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      No you can’t, it’s blocked by Microsoft 🙁

      You must use the giftcard method for buy on foreign region

  64. Viktor Dobrai says:

    I bought a turkish gift card with 100 ‘try’….. Im added it to my xbox via redeeem code…Xbox region set to turkey, language too… But i cant use my added ‘try’….I need to change payment method again and again….But i cant use ‘try’…

  65. peppo says:

    what is the situation right now? I saw a game with a very good price for Argentina, Turkey and Egypt MS store. Despite of availability of gift cards, does the method still works? I see many people getting error during gift redeem. Thanks

    1. Julien Huriez says:


      Currently, only giftcard method works.
      Argentina giftcard are out of stock everywhere

      Egypt doesn’t have giftcard = impossible to buy on this store

      Turkey have giftcard (on G2A or MTCGame for example), good price, but yes you can be blocked for a few days (2, 3 days) before you can use your gift card balance on the Turkish store.
      It’s random, but it’s getting rarer and rarer and rarer and rarer I feel

      At the moment, good regions for giftcard are : Turkey, Brazil, USA, Mexico for some games (like Ride 3), Singapore and Hong-kong

  66. Abdullah E. D. says:

    I am facing a problem with the Mexican Store.

    I bought a $200 Mexican gift card from SEAGM website.

    I was able to redeem it through my Xbox One S ( had to change the location to Mexico).

    The 200 appeared in my account. But when I tried purchasing a 3-months Xbox Live. It asked me to add another form of payment.

    I add my own country’s credit card, charged me 20 MXN which is equal to 1 USD (I think for verification).

    Here is my problem. When I retried purchasing the 3-month live gold, it gave me an error saying something like (contact Microsoft support).

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      First, try to buy on microsoft web, through xbox store checker 🙂
      I get a small commission, not much, but it helps me a lot to pay the server!
      If you go through the console to buy I don’t receive anything 😞

      I have never buy xbox live subscription on foreign region, but according to many feedback, your current subscription must have expired before you can take one.

      1. Abdullah E. D. says:

        Btw, when I try clicking your web link, it would give me an error. (I have Adblocker installed).

        Me too. It’s my first time buying a foreign live subscription.

        What do you mean expired before taking one?

        1. Julien Huriez says:

          Oh, it’s strange, what’s the error ?

          What i mean is for example if you have currently a xbox live subscription on the US store.
          You can’t buy xbox live subscription on other store (like Mexico). You need to wait you current xbox live subscription expire, and then you can buy the xbox 3 month subscription on the Mexico store

          1. Abdullah E. D. says:

            I think it’s the AdBlocker, cuz your link opened through my mobile phone.

            Oh I haven’t subscribed in a while. That’s what I was thinking too, but I am not sure TBH.

        2. Marek says:

          I’m facing the same problem. I have bought ars gift card. I added it on my accoung with out problem. But when I try to buy a season pass it goes wrong. It says ” We can’t process your payment.” Can you help me please?

          1. Abdullah E. D. says:

            After trying to purchase, do you get an error telling you to contact Microsoft?

            Did you change the location on your Xbox to the country of your redeemed gift card?

            You’ll need to add a credit card as a second back up payment. (For some reason)

            Then you need to talk to Microsoft support and ask them to do the purchase on your behalf.

          2. Marek says:

            Yea, I changed region and added a credit card. I will try to write to microsoft support. Thanks a lot.

          3. Julien Huriez says:

            Change region or add credit card will not change anything, you just need to wait more days.
            It’s random, some people waited 1 week, others 2, …

            Keep us informed!.

  67. Abdullah E. D. says:

    Latest update:

    I had a little chat with Microsoft support (online) and they helped me subscribe to Xbox Live Gold.

    I already had my gift card redeemed. They just did the subscription from their side.

  68. Albert says:

    Will this work if I want to buy the Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Add-Ons pack from the Saudi store and use it on my South African XBOX account/console?

    1. Julien Huriez says:

      Yes of course

  69. ospartazz says:

    Je voudrais savoir si le store argentin marche toujours via vpn ? Cala me donne des erreurs a chaque paiement.
    Par avance merci !

    1. Julien Huriez says:


      Hélas non, le VPN + carte de credit ne fonctionne plus, il ne reste que les cartes cadeaux.
      Elles sont parfois dispo sur G2A (les cartes cadeaux ARS), mais elle sont assez cher..

  70. MixedGunZz says:

    Hey guys, im trying to buy a game with a turkish gift card. The balance is on my account, but it won’t let me buy it. My region is changed to turkey and I use a VPN.

    1. Julien Huriez says:


      I think you have the bug of the turkish store, you need to wait 2-3 days,
      Check this post :

      And you doesn’t need VPN 😉

    2. Hodor the 1st says:

      Any updates? Have you managed to buy it?

  71. James Watts says:

    I have just done it that way to buy a game from Brazil Store. Im a little be worried tho that it could be banable

  72. Marek says:

    Hello, I’ve bought gift card and added on my account. But when I try to buy something it says “We can’t process your payment.” Can someone help?

  73. Mark Deveril says:

    *le sigh* Make sure if you’ve been checking your emails or something on your alternative live/hotmail/Outlook email you double check that you’re signing into the one linked to your XBL Gamer tag that you want the gift card and game on… Mistakes were made… Hahaha…Oops.
    But can confirm it worked perfectly buying a Turkish gift card from G2A and then some Apex Legends Coins… They’re just not on my gaming account and it doesn’t appear there is a way to gift Apex coins as yet.

    1. Ryan Joseph says:

      No risk of getting banned doing this? Heard people get banned from buying from g2a

      1. Julien Huriez says:

        No risk with giftcard method 🙂

      2. Mark Deveril says:

        Yeah there would be a chance of course, likely goes against something in the T’s & Cs we blindly agree to when we sign up to xbox live. I’d just say something along the lines of “I was travelling through x country…” if they ever had a complain. Or “a well meaning foreign relative sent me a code for my birthday” ?

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